Laboratory Cleaning Detergents

Alconox® Detergent
Micro-90 concentrated cleaning solution

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Z273198 ALCOJET® detergent weight 1.8 kg (4 lb)
Z273228 Alconox® detergent Packets
242985 Alconox® detergent Bulk packed
Z273244 Alcotabs® effervescent tablets For siphon-type pipette and test-tube washers
420557 AVITONE® A softener
Z273236 CITRANOX® acid detergent biodegradable
30905 Decontamination solution
Z278491 Detergent 8® biodegradable
681512 Detergent 8®, liquid detergent biodegradable
Z273252 Det-o-jet®
S4107 Dishbrite liquid laboratory glassware cleaning concentrate
48750 Genapol® X-080
Z273279 Liqui-nox® phosphate-free liquid detergent mild and completely soluble in water
55332 Luviquat FC 550 ~40% active ingredients in H2O
Z281506 Micro-90® concentrated cleaning solution volume 1 L
Z281565 Micro-90® concentrated cleaning solution volume 4 L
Z637181 Mucasol universal detergent volume 2 L
Z637203 Mucasol universal detergent volume 5 L
328693 NOCHROMIX® box of 10 packs (net weight: 1130 g)
Z683205 NOCHROMIX® safety vent caps fits 1 gal or 2.5 L glass bottles
83460 RBS 25 solution concentrate
83461 RBS 35 solution concentrate
52098 RBS AM 35 MD
04954 RBS Sericlean
83463 RBS solid
Z273260 Scienceware® Aquet® liquid detergent
85390 Silicone Antifoam 30% in H2O, emulsion
16171 SODOSIL RA 08 alkaline cleaner, with desinfecting effect
16175 SODOSIL RA 11 mildly alkaline cleaner
16180 SODOSIL RA 12 alkaline, tensid-free cleaner
16172 SODOSIL RA 13 highly alkaline cleaner
16188 SODOSIL RA 14 mildly alkaline, chlorine and phosphate-free cleaner
16173 SODOSIL RA 15 liquid, alkaline cleaner free of phosphates, low foaming for rinsing apparatus
16183 SODOSIL RA 16 alkaline cleaner with chlorine
16187 SODOSIL RA 17 alkaline cleaner free of chlorine
16174 SODOSIL RA 21 acid pre-rinse and rinsing solution with phosphoric acid
16179 SODOSIL RA 22 acid rinse with citric acid
16181 SODOSIL RA 31 anti-foaming agent
85548 Span® 80 viscosity 1000-2000 mPa.s (20 °C)
09569 Span® 80 for GC
Z273287 Terg-a-zyme® enzyme detergent pkg of 1 ea
16316 Turkey red oil sodium salt for microscopy