Hettich Selection Guide

Rotina-420 (115 Volts)

Hettich Product No. 4707-01

Sigma-Aldrich Product No. Z723428

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Available Tube types:
Blood / Urine Conical Conical / Skirted Culture Plate Microcentrifuge Microtiter Plate PCR Strips Round Bottom
Volume (mL) Tube Quantity Hettich Rotor
Product No.
Sigma-Aldrich Rotor
Product No.
Hettich Adaptor
Product No.
Sigma-Aldrich Adaptor
Product No.
Hettich Bucket
Product No.
Sigma-Aldrich Bucket
Product No.
8.5-10.0 48 4753 Z728039 5248 Z641987 5051 Z724505