Spectral Viewer Comparison Table

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Spectral Viewer vs. ACD Pro comparison

The following chart compares the features of The Aldrich FT-NMR Library with Spectral Viewer with the Aldrich/ACD Pro Library of FT-NMR Spectra.


Feature Aldrich FT-NMR Library with Spectral Viewer Aldrich/ACD Pro FT-NMR Library
Access to Aldrich Library of 1HNMR Spectra Y Y
Access to Aldrich Library of 13CNMR Spectra Y Y
Installable on user's hard drive Y Y
User-created database on hard drive   Y
Physical data window Y Y
Spectrum window Y Y
Spectrum processing: Y Y
  Peak integration: Automatic Y Y
  Peak integration: Manual Y Y
  Peak labeling: Automatic Y Y
  Peak labeling: Manual   Y
  Distance measuring   Y
  Zoom Y Y
Search according to: Y Y
  Aldrich catalog number Y Y
  CAS number Y Y
  Chemical name Y Y
  Chemical category Y  
  Molecular formula Y Y
  Drawn structure or sub-structure   Y
  Query peaks   Y
  Solvents   Y
  Portion of spectrum   Y
  MW, boiling point, melting point, flash point, refractive index, or density Y Y
  Multiple fields simultaneously Y  
Print spectra, structure and technical data Y Y
Customize printouts   Y
Export spectra to a file: Y Y
  Bitmap Y Y
  Metafile Y Y
  JPEG Y  
  Paintbrush   Y
  TIFF   Y
  GIF   Y
Web links for additional technical data Y  
Creation of search lists which can be further modified   Y
Duplicate, exchange, merge, subtract search lists of compounds   Y
Save and load search lists of compounds   Y
Import processed spectra for spectral searching   Y
Network versions available Y Y