Atmosbag glove bag - an inflatable polyethylene glove box alternative

Aldrich AtmosBag Image

For Laboratory Use
AtmosBag glove bag is a flexible, inflatable polyethylene chamber with built-in gloves that lets you work in a totally isolated and controlled environment. It is an inexpensive, portable alternative to the glove box and is well suited to a variety of tasks and materials.

For Field Sampling
AtmosBag slips over the top of cans and drums to blanket with inert gas and isolate vapors and dusts during sampling operations. Minimizes worker exposure and preserves the integrity of the sampled bulk material.

AtmosBag serves as a portable laboratory for conducting tests, crime scene investigations, and other applications where a clean isolated chamber is needed.


  • Constructed of sturdy 0.003 in. gauge polyethylene that is polished for good clarity
  • Seams are heat-sealed for strength and inflation tested to be leak-free
  • Inlet ports are provided on each side for laboratory gas, vacuum, and electrical lines
  • Available non-sterile and sterile, in two-hand and four-hand configurations, with Tape-seal, Zipper-lock, or Clip closures
  • AtmosBag is not fire-retardant or intended for prolonged contact with solvents, vapors, or chemicals
  • Small size has 2 gas ports. All other sizes have 4 gas ports.

AtmosBag with Tape-seal closure:
The opening of AtmosBag is taped and folded over for a gas-tight seal. Sterile AtmosBags are treated with ethylene oxide. Each AtmosBag is supplied with a strip of removable sealing tape and instructions.

AtmosBag with Zipper-lock closure:
The opening of AtmosBag is closed with a Zipper-lock for a gas-tight seal. The opening is slightly smaller than the width of the bag due to the width of the zipper. Excellent for applications that require repeated access to bag contents and for emergency isolation. Each AtmosBag is supplied with instructions.

NEW AtmosBag with Clip closure:
The opening of AtmosBag is folded over and clipped for a gas-tight seal. Each AtmosBag is supplied with a removable clip and instructions.


Product # Description Size Gas Volume (L) Opening (in.) W X L (in.) Sterilized
Closure Type Zipper-lock
Z530204-1EA Two-hand S 50 12 27 x 30 No
Z530212-1EA Two-hand M 280 24 39 x 48 No
Z530220-1EA Two-hand L 520 36 51 x 58 No
Z555525-1EA Four-hand L 500 30 45 x 58 No
Closure Type Tape-seal
Z112836-1EA Two-hand S 50 12 27 x 30 No
Z112828-1EA Two-hand M 280 24 39 x 48 No
Z106089-1EA Two-hand L 520 36 51 x 58 No
Z118370-1EA Two-hand S 50 12 27 x 30 Yes
Z118362-1EA Two-hand M 280 24 39 x 48 Yes
Z118354-1EA Two-hand L 520 36 51 x 58 Yes
Z108405-1EA Four-hand
completely symmetrical
L 500 30 45 x 58 No

AtmosBag Accessories

Anti-Static Equipment

Anti-static Ionizer
Effectively eliminates all static charges within 36 inches of the unit. Operation is simple; place the unit on a flat surface and turn the power on. Unit features include: ion pulse rate adjustment from 1 to 5 pulses/second, ion balance adjustment and a compact footprint. The unit is virtually maintenance free; the emitter points should be cleaned when a visual accumulation of dust or powder occurs. CE and UL approved.


Anti-static Ionizer Image

Product # Volts AC Plug
Z563064-1EA 120 US
Z563072-1EA 240 UK
Z563323-1EA 240 Euro

Valuable for neutralizing static electricity in the laboratory. Prevents charged particles from "flying" during weighing or transfer, and keeps film, glass, and plasticware dust and lint-free. Nonradioactive, and does not require an electrical power supply or batteries. Life expectancy is 1,500 squeezes of trigger.

Anti-static Ionizer Image


Cotton Glove Liners ImageCotton Glove Liners
Lightweight 100% cotton, form fitting, disposable style. Ambidextrous. Each package contains 12 pr. 8 in. L.


Product # Size
Z118338-1PAK S / M
Z118346-1PAK M / L




Polypropylene Tape
Excellent for sealing custom cut openings in AtmosBag and for sealing AtmosBag to the outside of drums during sampling. 3 in. x 60 yd. roll.

Drierite Gas-drying Unit
Ensures thorough drying of inert purge gases for work with moisture-sensitive materials. Molded-acrylic column (2-5/8 in. O.D. × 11-3/8 in.) filled with 1-1/4 pounds of 8-mesh indicating Drierite. Water-vapor capacity: 50 g. Safe for working pressures up to 90 psig. Flow rate should be 200 L/hr or 0.1 scfm for maximum efficiency. Regenerate by heating granules on a tray for 1 hr at 200 °C. Hose barbs will fit 1/4 to 3/8 in. tubing.

Stabilizing Bases and Supports

Polyethylene Stabilizing Base ImagePolyethylene Stabilizing Bases
Rigid 1/2 in. thick white polyethylene base keeps AtmosBag in place and provides a chemically-resistant work surface. Size in table corresponds to AtmosBag size.


Product # Size Dim (in.)
Z112860-1EA S 11 x 16
Z112852-1EA M 20 x 16
Z106917-1EA L 24 x 34-1/2

Techware Polypropylene Bench Tray ImageTechware Polypropylene Bench Tray
Heavy-duty PP tray provides a solid, stable work surface. Chemically resistant and easily cleaned. Raised 1 in. lip on edges of tray provides containment of up to 2.8L in case of spillage. Excellent for use in medium and large-size AtmosBags as a weighted base. Built-in threaded adapter allows a 5/8 in. diam. lattice rod to be secured to tray as a vertical support for clamps. Lattice rod shown in picture not supplied with this product, purchase Z225665 separately.





Portable Lattice System ImagePortable Lattice System
System fits inside medium and large size AtmosBags to provide stable support for clamping equipment and to support bag when inflation gas is not required. Solid 1/2 in. diam. aluminum lattice rod sections, 11-3/4 in. L, screw into each other for extra height. Nonslip rubber feet on base.







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