Labware Product: MolyMod Bonding Links Modeling Sets

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..:: Bonding Links ::..

The bond lengths stated in the table are measured from atom to atom. Bonding links are available in various colors and may be used to represent different bond types. For example, gray links can represent covalent bonds, while purple or white links can represent ionic bonds.

Flex bond links are used for double and triple bonds.


  35mm Gray Z54,434-5
  35mm Purple Z54,435-3

Rigid bond links are used for single bonds.

  20mm Purple Z54,436-1
  20mm Gray Z54,438-8
  20mm White Z54,514-0

Short bond links can be used in place of rigid bonds to make compact models.

  1mm White Z54,439-6
  1mm Translucent Z54,441-8

V-bond links are used for making planar 5-atom rings when some of the strain in bonding is absorbed by the "V" which can bend slightly.

  3mm Gray Z54,442-6

Short bond link removal tool

    Beige Z54,443-4