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Diamond Silicon dioxide (quartz) NaCl


Ice Graphite Buckminsterfullerene


Self-assembly sets
  Set Contents Cat. No.
Sodium chloride (NaCl) 36 atoms Z54,551-1
Sodium chloride (Cl ions bigger than Na ion) 27 atoms Z54,553-8
Diamond 30 atoms Z54,554-6
Carborundum (silicon carbide) 30 atoms Z54,555-4
Graphite (three layers) 45 atoms Z54,556-2
Buckminsterfullerene C60 60 atoms Z54,557-0
Zinc blende (zinc sulfide) 45 atoms Z54,558-9
Ice 26 water units Z54,559-7
Sulfur (three molecules S8) 24 atoms Z54,560-0
Silicon dioxide 66 atoms Z54,561-9
Single Sodalite cage (SiO4)24 84 atoms Z54,562-7


Pre-assembled models (not designed to be disassembled or expanded)
  Set Contents Cat. No.
Cesium chloride 30 atoms Z54,563-5
Calcite (calcium carbonate) 66 atoms Z54,564-3
Calcium fluoride (fluorite) 30 atoms Z54,565-1