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The mushroom-shaped hydrogen AtomlinkTM components and the short (non-visible) bonding links provide compact, semi-space-filling models with an internuclear scale of 1.45cm per Angstrom. Polymer models include long, flexible links for demonstration of the mechanism of polymerization.

Polypeptide Polyvinyl chloride Fat (tripalmitin)
7 Amino acid set Glucose Polystyrene
Polymers Set Contents Cat. No.
PVC - polyvinyl chloride 5 monomer units Z54,460-4
Polypropylene 5 monomer units Z54,461-2
Polystyrene 3 monomer units Z54,462-0
Polyester (terylene) 2 monomer units Z54,463-9
Nylon 66 2 monomer units Z54,464-7
Soaps & Detergents Set Contents Cat. No.
Soap 1 molecule Z54,465-5
Detergent 1 molecule Z54,466-3
Sugars Set Contents Cat. No.
Glucose 2 molecules (alpha, beta) Z54,467-1
Sucrose 1 molecule Z54,469-8
Starch or cellulose 3 glucose units Z54,470-1
Fats & Oils Set Contents Cat. No.
Fat (Tripalmitin) 1 molecule Z54,472-8
Saturated fat - stearic acid C18 H36 O2 1 molecule Z54,473-6
Unsaturated fat - oleic acid C18H34O2 1 molecule Z54,474-4
Cholesterol - C27H46O 1 molecule Z54,475-2
Amino Acids Set Contents Cat. No.
7 Amino acid models collection set 7 models (L-config.) Z54,476-0
8 Model amino acid, peptide upgrade 8 models Z54,477-9
20 Amino acid collection set 20 models Z54,544-9
Polypeptides Set Contents Cat. No.
Polypeptide 5 peptide units Z54,545-7
Protein - beta pleated sheet 15 peptide units Z54,546-5
Alpha - helix 15 peptide units Z54,547-3
DNA Set Contents Cat. No.
DNA (includes stand, 11cm H) 2 base-pairs Z54,548-1
DNA (includes stand, 46cm H) 10 base-pairs Z54,550-3