x-tracta Gel Extraction Tool

The x-tracta gel extraction tool is an easy to use, quick alternative to using scalpel or razor blades for the extraction of DNA and RNA bands from agarose gels following gel electrophoresis. The cutting blade and ergonomic design mean that extractions can be performed in a rapid, easy to follow process with greater accuracy and precision. Simply stated, the superior cutting edge of x-tracta along with its easy, one-handed operation means that it performs better than any other gel extraction solution currently available.

Benefits of the x-tracta Gel Extraction Tool:

  • Fast 
  • Easy to Use
  • One-Handed Procedure
  • Precise Extraction
  • High Yield Recovery
  • Low Failure Rate
  • Disposable
  • Safe

Gel Extraction Procedure:

Step 1:
x-tracta gel extraction tool
Step 2:
Place tool over desired gel band
Step 3:
Press the tool into the agarose 
gel, gently rock the tool side to 
side, to extract the desired gel 
Step 4:
Expel extracted gel band 
from tool by a quick 
snap-action squeeze

Ordering Information:

x-tracta Gel Extraction Tool, Product No. Z722390 – Click here to order the x-tracta!

DNA Purification after Band Excision:

After excising the desired gel band using the x-tracta tool, we recommend using the GenElute™ Gel Extraction Kit, Product No. NA1111, to bind and elute the DNA.

GenElute™ Gel Extraction Kit, Product No. NA1111
The GenElute Gel Extraction Kit is designed for the rapid purification of linear and plasmid DNA fragments from standard or low-melting agarose gels, or polyacrylamide gels. Typical recovery of DNA is up to 80%. 

Each column can bind up to 10 μg of DNA from up to a 3.5 g agarose slice. 

The isolated DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, such as automated DNA sequencing, PCR, restriction digestion, cloning, and labeling.