ADME/Tox Cell Lines

We have utilized CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) genome editing technology to create genetically modified cell lines for research within the field of ADME/Tox. CompoZr ADME/Tox Cell Lines are available in multiple formats that include cryopreserved vials, assay ready plates, or as services.

Intestinal Models
Created in the C2BBe1 subclone of Caco-2, these cell lines have various drug transporters knocked out.

Intestinal Transporter Models

Liver Models
Created in the HepaRG™ cell line, these models include those which have various drug transporters knocked out and enzymes involved in metabolism.

Liver Transporter Models
Liver Metabolism Models
Kidney Models
Created in a proprietary pseudoimmortalized cell line, these include models for toxicity studies and those in which various drug transporters have been knocked out.

Kidney Transporter / Toxicity Models

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