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We are the exclusive provider of Avanti® Polar Lipids research products for all countries except the United States. These advanced lipidomics, adjuvants, and equipment products will still be produced by the Avanti® Polar Lipids company and have the Avanti® name. Our alliance combines Avanti® purity in premier, highest quality research lipids with the expert product support available through us.


Research Products
Find high-purity natural and synthetic
lipids, phospholipids, fluorescents,
probes, adjuvants, and more.
Avanti® Research Lipid Products


Study lipid structure and function with
monoclonal antibodies, mass spec
standards, ELISA strips, and other tools.
Avanti® Lipidomics


The Avanti® Mini-Extruder helps you
create custom unilamellar liposomes.
Find videos, supporting and products:
Avanti® Mini Extruder & Accessories

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