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 Avanti® Lipidomics Products Overview

Study lipid structure and function with monoclonal antibodies, mass spec standards, ELISA strips, and other tools.

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Avanti® Lipidomics Toolbox

 Lipid Binding Antibodies

Studying the role of lipids as cofactors, agonists, or antagonists in cellular signaling events is increasingly common. Avanti® monoclonal antibodies are selected against bioactive lipids to detect the presence of these species or the downstream signals that they stimulate. Add them to your basic signaling and disease research.

E06 discriminates between native LDL and OxLDL by binding to the phosphocholine headgroup of oxidized phospholipid that is present in OxLDL but is absent from native LDL.

WR304 can be used to probe the presence of PIP and PIP2.

 Lipid Toolbox

Build a Better Understanding of Lipid Functions

A lipid toolbox of integrated methodologies is essential in understanding the functional role of lipids in biological systems. Avanti® novel tools for probing protein-lipid interactions, enhanced systems for the cellular delivery of lipids, and robust assay kits are the perfect complement to your research.

Lipid Snoopers® nitrocellulose membranes or 8-well ELISA strips are ideal for investigating protein- lipid interactions.

Huzzah® improves the cellular delivery of lipid species through their conjugation with human serum albumin (HSA).

CerS Assay Kit is easy to use in measuring ceramide synthase (CerS) activity in biological samples.

And many more methodologies to build your lipid toolbox including:

  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • LIPID MAPS® mass spec standards. Avanti® is the exclusive licensed manufacturer and supplier of LIPID MAPS® Mass Spec Standards for lipid analysis.

 Mass Spec Standards

Identifying the structure or determining the accurate concentration of each molecular species in mass spectrometry-based research requires well-defined internal standards.

Whatever your application, Avanti® chemically pure synthetic lipid standards are available for your precise quantization or identification of major lipid classes, including glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, and sterols.

Quantitative standards are characterized and prepackaged in unit containers at defined concentrations. A detailed certificate of analysis accompanies each standard, and the stability is monitored by our QC staff.

Qualitative standards aid in the general identification of lipids by mass spec analysis.