Isotyping Kits and Reagents

Identifying the isotype of mouse monoclonal antibodies is important for both their purification and application. IgG variants have different pH requirements for binding to Protein A and Protein G. IgM will not bind to either of these affinity agents. Protein L can be used to purify some IgG1 antibodies with kappa light chains. Furthermore isotype-specific secondary antibodies conjugated to fluorescent dyes can be used in double immunofluorescent studies.

We offer three sets of isotype-specific antibodies on convenient lateral flow device (LCD) strips. One set identifies IgG1, IgG2a IgG2b and IgG3. Another set is used for isotyping IgA and IgM. The third set recognizes kappa and lambda light chains. The LCD strips can be used with cell culture supernatant, ascites fluid, or purified antibody. Our complete kits have either 5 or 25 strips of each set. We also offer the antibodies to the four IgG subtypes, IgA and IgM in soluble form, to be used in Ouchterlony or ELISA assays.

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I9410 IsoQuick Strips for Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping IgA, IgM
ISO2 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Isotyping Reagents sufficient for 1000 tests (clones) (by ELISA), sufficient for 40 tests (clones) (by immunodiffusion, ODD)