GABAergics - GABA-B Antagonists

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C5851 CGP 35348 hydrate ≥97% (NMR), solid CGP 35348 hydrate is a GABAB-receptor antagonist.
A6566 2-Hydroxysaclofen ≥98% (TLC), solid Potent and selective antagonist at GABAB receptors.
human ... GABBR1(2550), GABBR2(9568)
S166 Saclofen solid Saclofen is the sulphonic analog of baclofen and is a selective GABAB receptor antagonist.
human ... GABBR1(2550), GABBR2(9568)
mouse ... GABBR1(54393), GABBR2(242425)
rat ... GABBR1(81657), GABBR2(83633)