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B150 BQ-123 ≥99%, sodium salt, lyophilized powder Selective ETA endothelin receptor antagonist.
human ... EDNRA(1909), EDNRB(1910)
rat ... Ednra(24326), Ednrb(50672)
B157 BQ-788 ≥95%, solid Selective ETB endothelin receptor antagonist.
human ... EDNRB(1910)
mouse ... EDNRB(13618)
rat ... EDNRB(50672)
K1513 Kendomycin from Streptomyces violaceoruber solid Potent endothelin receptor antagonist. Antiosteoporotic compound. Shows also remarkable antibacterial and cytotoxic activity. A putative cellular target for cytotoxicity has been identified: inhibition or altered regulation of the proteasome.
PZ0141 PD-156707 ≥98% (HPLC) PD-156707 is a selective endothelin receptor (ETA) antagonist.