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PZ0175 PD 149163 tetrahydrochloride hydrate ≥90% (HPLC) PD 149163 is a Neurotensin NTR1 receptor agonist; a Neurotensin (8-13) analog. PD149163 is a selective, brain penetrating NT1 receptor agonist with pro-cognitive, antipsychotic and anxiolytic effects.
SML0278 SR 48692 ≥98% (HPLC) SR 48692 is a high affinity, orally bioavailable and selective nonpeptide NT1 neurotensin receptor antagonist that antagonizes neurotensin-induced calcium mobilization with a pA2 of 8.13 in HT-29 human colon carcinoma cell line, and blocks the ability of neurotensin to increase GABA levels in the prefrontal cortex.