Alginate lyase for Alginic Acid Hydrolysis

Composed of blocks of β-D-(1-4) mannuronic acid homopolymeric regions (MMMM…), α-L-(1-4)guluronic acid (GGGG…) homopolymeric regions, and alternating copolymer regions of β-D-(1-4) mannuronic acid - α-L-(1-4)-guluronic acid (GMGMGM…). Bacterial alginic acid can be acetlylated at the 2 or 3 positions on mannuronic acid.
Alginate Lyase
Synonyms: poly(β-D-manuronate) lyase
Alginate lyase cleaves at the β-(1-4)-D-mannuronic bonds residues to yield oligosaccharides with 4-deoxy-α-L-erythro-hex-4-enopyranuronosyl groups at their non-reducing terminus.
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A1603 Alginate Lyase powder, ≥10,000 units/g solid