Serum Proteins and Related Enzymes

Visit the Plasma and Blood Protein Resource for physical properties of blood and plasma and other technical data.
For forty years, Sigma has been providing researchers with top quality serum proteins prepared in its own facilities. Products offered range from high abundance proteins, such as Cohn fraction globulins and γ-globulins from a variety of mammalian sera, to more specialized products such as recombinant erythropoietin and epidermal growth factor receptor. Fibrin clots can be generated with natural bovine or human thrombin of varying activity cleaving fibrinogen from seven species. Recombinant BioUltra human thrombin is also available. Clots can be dissolved using tissue plasminogen activator or streptokinase to activate bovine, rabbit, or human plasminogen. Many complement components are listed, with matching deficient sera for assays. We also have a line of components from red blood cells, including hemoglobin, hematin and hemin. Highly purified spectrin from erythrocyte cell membranes as well as a bovine erythrocyte stroma preparation are available.