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Vitamin B5

Designed to help you locate the chemicals and kits you need, the Bioactive Nutrient Explorer allows you to search for plants containing specific chemicals or demonstrating a specific physiological activity, as well as identify compounds found within a specific plant or chemical structure class.

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C8731 Calcium pantothenate meets USP testing specifications, monograph mol wt. 476.53 (C18H32CaN2O10) 137-08-6 238.3
76200 D-Panthenol ≥98.0% (NT) 81-13-0 205.3
P5155 D-Pantothenic acid hemicalcium salt BioReagent, suitable for cell culture, suitable for insect cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture 137-08-6 238.3
21210 D-Pantothenic acid hemicalcium salt ≥99.0% 137-08-6 238.3
47867 D-Pantothenic acid hemicalcium salt analytical standard 137-08-6 238.3