Adenylate cyclase

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05-23-0101 Angiotensin II, Human - CAS 4474-91-3 - Calbiochem Plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure. C₅₀H₇₁N₁₃O₁₂
116850 Adenylyl Cyclase Type V Inhibitor, NKY80 - CAS 299442-43-6 - Calbiochem The Adenylyl Cyclase Type V Inhibitor, NKY80, also referenced under CAS 299442-43-6, controls the biological activity of Adenylyl Cyclase Type V. This small molecule/inhibitor is primarily used for Cell Signaling applications. C₁₂H₁₁N₃O₂
288104 2ʹ,5ʹ-Dideoxyadenosine - CAS 6698-26-6 - Calbiochem Cell-permeable, non-competitive adenylate cyclase inhibitor (IC₅₀ = 3 µM), that binds to the adenosine P1 binding site. C₁₀H₁₃N₅O₂
444200 MDL-12,330A, Hydrochloride - CAS 40297-09-4 - Calbiochem Cell-permeable and irreversible inhibitor of adenylate cyclase (IC₅₀ = 250 µM). C₂₃H₃₆N₂ · HCl
444605 Melittin - CAS 37231-28-0 - Calbiochem A 26-residue polypeptide from bee venom that binds calmodulin in a Ca2+-dependent manner. C₁₃₁H₂₂₉N₃₉O₃₁
568500 SQ 22536 - CAS 17318-31-9 - Calbiochem Cell-permeable adenylate cyclase inhibitor. C₉H₁₁N₅O
C4479 9-Cyclopentyladenine monomethanesulfonate ≥98% (HPLC) C10H13N5 · CH4O3S
D7408 2′,5′-Dideoxyadenosine ≥95% (HPLC), solid C10H13N5O2
D0939 2′,5′-Dideoxyadenosine 3′-triphosphate tetrasodium salt >91% (HPLC) C10H12N5O11P3Na4
C9510 Pyrocatechol ≥99% C6H6O2
C3561 Pyrocatechol plant cell culture tested, BioReagent, ≥99%, powder C6H6O2
T7254 Nα-Tosyl-L-lysine chloromethyl ketone hydrochloride ≥96% (TLC), powder C14H21ClN2O3S · HCl