Methyl Esters

Shop from our list of methyl esters, an analytical standards suitable for HPLC and GC analysis.

Methyl esters is used to produce an intermediate, which is used in the manufacture of various products such as agricultural chemicalsdetergents, emulsifiers, antioxidants, plasticizers. Besides its use as a diesel fuel, it is also used as a an asphalt release agent and as a synthetic flavoring agent in foods.

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O5632 Linoleic acid, conjugated methyl ester    
L6031 Linolenic acid methyl ester isomer mix    
115126 Methyl 10-undecenoate 96% CH2=CH(CH2)8CO2CH3 198.3
E2012 Methyl all-cis-5,8,11,14,17-eicosapentaenoate ≥97% (capillary GC) CH3(CH2CH=CH)5(CH2)3CO2CH3 316.5
D5679 Methyl all-cis-7,10,13,16,19-docosapentaenoate ≥97%, liquid C23H36O2 344.5
17269 Methyl all-cis-7,10,13,16,19-docosapentaenoate analytical standard C23H36O2 344.5
A3881 Methyl arachidate ≥99% (capillary GC) CH3(CH2)18COOCH3 326.6
10941 Methyl arachidate analytical standard CH3(CH2)18COOCH3 326.6
A9298 Methyl arachidonate ≥99% (GC) C21H34O2 318.5
H9021 Methyl cis-10-heptadecenoate ≥99% (GC), liquid C18H34O2 282.5
E6885 Methyl cis-11-eicosenoate ≥98% CH3(CH2)7HC=CH(CH2)9CO2CH3 324.5
17263 Methyl cis-11-eicosenoate analytical standard CH3(CH2)7HC=CH(CH2)9CO2CH3 324.5
17265 Methyl cis-15-tetracosenoate analytical standard C25H48O2 380.7
47572-U Methyl cis-5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoate solution certified reference material, 10 mg/mL in heptane    
E4762 Methyl elaidate ≥99% (capillary GC) CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOCH3 296.5
45119 Methyl elaidate analytical standard CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOCH3 296.5
00238 Methyl γ-linolenate solution analytical standard C19H32O2 292.5
L6503 Methyl γ-linolenate ≥99% (GC) CH3(CH2)3(CH2CH=CH)3(CH2)4CO2CH3 292.5
L1876 Methyl linoleate ≥98% (GC) CH3(CH2)3(CH2CH=CH)2(CH2)7CO2CH3 294.5
L2251 Methyl linolelaidate ≥99% (GC), liquid C19H34O2 294.5
62155 Methyl linolelaidate analytical standard C19H34O2 294.5
L2626 Methyl linolenate ≥99% (GC) CH3(CH2CH=CH)3(CH2)7COOCH3 292.5
70055 Methyl myristelaidate analytical standard C15H28O2 240.4
M3650 Methyl myristoleate ≥98.5% (capillary GC), liquid C15H28O2 240.4
70121 Methyl myristoleate analytical standard C15H28O2 240.4
311111 Methyl oleate 99% CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7CO2CH3 296.5
75160 Methyl oleate analytical standard CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7CO2CH3 296.5
268038 Methyl oleate technical grade, 70% CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7CO2CH3 296.5
P9667 Methyl palmitoleate ≥99% (capillary GC), liquid CH3(CH2)5CH=CH(CH2)7COOCH3 268.4
76176 Methyl palmitoleate analytical standard CH3(CH2)5CH=CH(CH2)7COOCH3 268.4
R8750 Methyl ricinoleate ≥99% (GC) C19H36O3 312.5
83916 Methyl ricinoleate analytical standard C19H36O3 312.5
V1381 Methyl trans-vaccenate ≥99% (capillary GC), liquid C19H36O2 296.5
E7877 cis-11,14-Eicosadienoic acid methyl ester ≥98% (GC) C21H38O2 322.5
D4034 cis-13,16-Docosadienoic acid methyl ester ≥98% C23H42O2 350.6
47198 cis-6-Octadecenoic acid methyl ester certified reference material, 10 mg/mL in heptane    
46902-U cis-9-Octadecenoic acid methyl ester certified reference material, 10 mg/mL in heptane    
E6001 cis-11,14,17-Eicosatrienoic acid methyl ester ≥98%, liquid C21H36O2 320.5
D2659 cis-4,7,10,13,16,19-Docosahexaenoic acid methyl ester ≥98% CH3(CH2CH=CH)6CH2CH2CO2CH3 342.5
E6013 cis-5,8,11-Eicosatrienoic acid methyl ester ~10 mg/mL in methanol, ≥90% C21H36O2 320.5
CRM47563 cis-7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentenoic acid methyl ester certified reference material, 10 mg/mL in heptane, ampule of 1 mL    
D3534 cis-7,10,13,16-Docosatetraenoic acid methyl ester ≥98% (capillary GC) C23H38O2 346.6
E3511 cis-8,11,14-Eicosatrienoic acid methyl ester ≥99% C21H36O2 320.5
46951-U trans-9,12-Octadecadienoic acid methyl ester certified reference material, 10 mg/mL in heptane