New High Calcium Indicators

The excitation and emission wavelengths, photostability, and quantum yields of Fluo- and Indo-derivatives are comparable to the related low concentration Ca2+-indicators Fura 2, Indo 1 and Fluo 3. Fluo- and Indo-based indicators specially modified for measuring high calcium concentrations exhibit reduced sequestration of intracellular calcium, reduced perturbation of calcium transients, ability to measure short-lived transients, and an absence of magnesium effects. Thio H and Thio OMe are low affinity Ca2+-indicators.

  • Useful for the determination of Ca2+ in intracellular compartments or monitoring steep increases of Ca2+ concentration
  • Strong molar absorption and high quantum yield make Thio H three times brighter than Mag-Fura-2
  • Strong fluorescence enables the use of low indicator concentrations and limits the buffering effects of the indicator
  • Enables both types of ratiometric measurement
  • Non-polar AM esters available

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73881 Fluo 3-AM ≥90% (TLC)
17079 Fluo-3FF-AM for fluorescence, ≥95% (TLC)
29222 Thio-H