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F9037 Formamide ≥99.5% (GC), BioReagent, for molecular biology
295876 Formamide spectrophotometric grade, ≥99%
221198 Formamide ACS reagent, ≥99.5%
47671 Formamide BioUltra, for molecular biology, ≥99.5% (T)
F7503 Formamide ReagentPlus®, ≥99.0% (GC)
11814320001 Formamide
HX0608 Hydrochloric Acid OmniTrace Ultra™
HX0607 Hydrochloric Acid 34-37% OmniTrace®
HX0603E Hydrochloric acid solution (0.02N)
HX0603C Hydrochloric acid solution (0.5N)
HX0628 Hydrofluoric Acid OmniTrace Ultra™
HX0627 Hydrofluoric Acid OmniTrace®
431567 Lithium perchlorate 99.99% trace metals basis
205281 Lithium perchlorate ACS reagent, ≥95.0%
P1037 Phenol for molecular biology
P5566 Phenol BioXtra, ≥99.5% (GC)
328111 Phenol unstabilized, purified by redistillation, ≥99%
242322 Phenol contains hypophosphorous as stabilizer, loose crystals, ACS reagent, ≥99.0%
185450 Phenol unstabilized, ReagentPlus®, ≥99%
77607 Phenol BioUltra, for molecular biology, TE-saturated, ~73% (T)
77608 Phenol BioUltra, for molecular biology, ≥99.5% (GC)
P4557 Phenol solution Equilibrated with 10 mM Tris HCl, pH 8.0, 1 mM EDTA, BioReagent, for molecular biology
P1944 Phenol:Chloroform 5:1 for molecular biology
P2069 Phenol:Chloroform:Isoamyl Alcohol 25:24:1 Saturated with 10 mM Tris, pH 8.0, 1 mM EDTA Supplied with Equilibration buffer, for molecular biology
77617 Phenol – chloroform – isoamyl alcohol mixture BioUltra, for molecular biology, 25:24:1
77618 Phenol – chloroform – isoamyl alcohol mixture BioUltra, for molecular biology, 49.5:49.5:1
77619 Phenol – chloroform – isoamyl alcohol mixture BioUltra, for molecular biology, 125:24:1
P3803 Phenol:Chloroform:Isoamyl Alcohol 25:24:1, Saturated with 10mM Tris, pH 8.0, 1mM EDTA for molecular biology
SX1248 Sulfuric Acid OmniTrace Ultra™
SX1247 Sulfuric Acid 95.5-96.5% OmniTrace®
SX1243F Sulfuric acid solution (0.02N)
SX1243M Sulfuric acid solution (6.0N)
T9159 Trichloroacetic acid BioXtra, ≥99.0%
T6399 Trichloroacetic acid ACS reagent, ≥99.0%
T8657 Trichloroacetic acid for electrophoresis, suitable for fixing solution (for IEF and PAGE gels), ≥99%
91228 Trichloroacetic acid BioUltra, ≥99.5% (T)
91230 Trichloroacetic acid ACS reagent, for the determination of Fe in blood according to Heilmeyer, ≥99.5%
T0699 Trichloroacetic acid solution 6.1 N