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Elastin is a major protein component of tissues that require elasticity such as arteries, lungs, bladder, skin and elastic ligaments and cartilage. It is composed of soluble tropoelastin protein containing primarily, glycine and valine and modified alanine and proline residues. Tropoelastin is a ~65kDa protein that is highly cross-linked to form an insoluble complex. The most common interchain cross-link in elastins is the result of the conversion of the amine groups of lysine to reactive aldehydes by lysyl oxidase. This results in the spontaneous formation of desmosine cross-links.
Desmosine Crosslink

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E1625 Elastin from bovine neck ligament powder
E7152 Elastin from human lung Prepared by non-degradative extraction
E7402 Elastin from human skin insoluble powder
E6402 Elastin from mouse lung powder
E6527 Elastin, soluble from bovine neck ligament salt-free, lyophilized powder
E6902 Elastin, soluble from human aorta lyophilized powder
E7277 Elastin, soluble from human lung lyophilized powder