Stabilization of Biomolecules

During long-term storage many biomolecules are subject to activity loss. Biostabilization products are used to preserve the activity of biomolecules like enzymes, other proteins, antibodies, DNA, whole cells or cell membranes, during long-term storage in solution. BioStab Solutions are ready to use products and tested for specific applications. The solutions are concentrated and specifically free of DNAse, RNAse and protease.


Stabilization of prokaryotic cells:
Step 1) Take the suspension of a vital cell culture and add 1% NaCl
Step 2) Add 7 parts of the prepared suspension to 1 part of BioStab Biomolecule Storage Solution.
Step 3) Store the cells according to your common procedure.

Preparation for the storage of CD30-binding proteins over a long time:
Just mix following composition
PBS-Buffer (pH 7.0) 745 mL
CD30-binding proteins (1mg/ml) 5 mL
BioStab Biomolecule Storage Solution 250 mL

HybriScan™ Kits:
Only with the additions BioStab solutions it was possible to extend the shelf life from 3 months up to 1 year.