Antibodies for Proximity Ligation Assays

Pre-qualified Kits and Antibodies for use with PLA®

Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA) pre-qualified primary antibodies and primary antibody pairs (kits) provide the researcher a set of high quality validated primary antibodies for use in PLA. Combining Duolink technology and reagents with pre-qualified primary antibodies ensures success and ease of use in visualizing protein interactions in their native state in cell and tissue samples. Sigma has partnered with Bethyl Laboratories to provide these highly validated primary antibody pairs.

The PLA antibody kits are developed to perform in one of two ways, either with primary conjugate detection (direct) or secondary conjugate detection (indirect). Direct detection utilizes the use of two primary antibodies from the same species. Indirect detection, in contrast, involves the use of two primary antibodies from different species and secondary antibodies specific for each species of the primary antibodies. For a complete list of protocols, related products, references and application notes please see (Duolink).
Primary conjugate (direct) detection
Secondary conjugate (indirect) detection