Prestige Antigens

Highly Validated Antigens

New Prestige Antigens Powered by Atlas Antibodies Complement Our Prestige Antibodies®

Prestige Antigens correspond to the recombinant human Protein Epitope Signature Tags (PrESTs) developed by the Human Protein Atlas and used as immunogens to generate the Prestige Antibodies®. These protein fragments consist of 50-150 amino acids, which provide conformational epitopes that could not be obtained using shorter peptides, and are designed to have the lowest possible sequence homology to other human proteins.

We have extended our portfolio to provide the Prestige Antigens to complement our Prestige Antibodies® for use as positive controls and for use in pre-adsorption assays.
The selection guide below will quickly find PrEST antigens (based on Gene symbol) most suited to your use: