MabSelect mAb Purification

Family of Protein A Chromatography Media

MabSelect from GE Healthcare is the family of Protein A chromatography media for monoclonal antibody purification specifically made to fulfill precise performance specifications and batch-to-batch reproducibility.

MabSelect Resin
MabSelect is a high-throughput Protein A chromatography medium that has been designed into several new and second-generation processes to produce therapeutic mAbs. The hydrophilic, high-flow agarose bead, optimized for both capacity and throughput, and the oriented coupling of the recombinant Protein A ligand, deliver a product pool that is high in purity and yield. The recombinant Protein A ligand is expressed in E. coli and is free of components of mammalian origin.

Characteristics of MabSelect:
  • High-flow agarose matrix results in high flow velocities
  • Enhanced binding capacity due to oriented coupling of the ligand and optimized matrix
  • High dynamic binding capacity reduces media volume requirements

MabSelect SuRe Resin
MabSelect SuRe is composed of a rigid, high-flow agarose matrix and alkali-tolerant rProtein A ligand. The ligand has been engineered to provide greater stability than conventional Protein A-based media in the alkaline conditions used in CIP protocols. This enhanced alkali stability improves process economy and product quality. Cleaning can be performed with established, effective, and low-cost reagents such as sodium hydroxide. The medium is suitable for both regular production and clinical phases/process development.

Characteristics of MabSelect SuRe:
  • Alkali-stabilized rProtein A ligand withstands rigorous CIP and sanitization procedures with 0.1 to 0.5 M NaOH - reduces the risk of product contamination and carryover
  • Ligand design gives enhanced protease resistance resulting in lower ligand leakage
  • Generic elution conditions for different mAbs enables platform approach to purification
  • Improves product quality and reduces overall costs
  • Maintained capacity prolongs media lifetime
  • High dynamic binding capacity decreases the amount of medium required
  • High-flow agarose matrix allows the processing of large feed volumes

MabSelect SuRe LX Resin
MabSelect SuRe LX is a further development from MabSelect SuRe to give even higher binding capacity at longer residence time. As an example, at 6 min residence time the dynamic binding capacity of MabSelect SuRe LX for human IgG is approximately 60 g/L. This special combination of high binding capacity plus alkaline stability gives manufacturers of mAbs improved process economics and product quality. MabSelect SuRe LX is especially designed for quick and efficient processing of large volumes of high-titer bioreactor feeds.

Characteristics of MabSelect SuRe LX:
  • Outstanding binding capacity at longer residence times
  • Quick, efficient processing of large volumes of high-titer bioreactor feeds
  • Higher density eluates increase operating flexibility and allow smaller unit operations
  • Effective CIP with 0.1 M NaOH over hundreds of purification cycles improves processeconomy
  • Enhanced protease resistance of the protein A ligand reduces leakage
  • Generic elution conditions for different MAbs enable platform purifications
MabSelect SuRe pcc Resin
MabSelect SuRe pcc offers exceptional capacity at short residence time, making it well-suited for applications requiring fast mass transfer such as MAb capture in a continuous process. The alkali-stabilized, protein A-derived ligand gives the medium greater stability than conventional protein A-based media under the alkaline conditions used in cleaning-in-place (CIP) protocols. The base matrix of MabSelect SuRe pcc combines a porosity optimized for MAbs with a rigidity that delivers good pressure/flow properties. These features provide the ability to run the medium at high flow rates, thereby increasing productivity of continuous capture steps. The small bead size also creates possibilities for high-resolution purification, for example, for purification of bispecific antibodies.

Characteristics of MabSelect SuRe pcc:
  • Exceptional binding capacity (e.g. ~60 g IgG/L medium at 2.4 min residence time).
  • High productivity through capture of large mass of MAbs in a short period of time.
  • Highly concentrated elution pools for operating flexibility and small unit operations.
  • Allows cost-effective cleaning with 0.1–0.5 M NaOH over hundreds of purification cycles.
  • High ligand stability reduces ligand leakage.
  • Generic elution conditions for different MAbs, enabling platform purifications.

MabSelect Xtra Resin

MabSelect Xtra and MabSelect have the same recombinant Protein A ligand. MabSelect Xtra is based on a high-flow agarose base matrix with increased porosity and a decreased particle size, which results in higher binding capacity. In addition, MabSelect

Characteristics of MabSelect Xtra:
  • High dynamic binding capacity (up to 30% higher than MabSelect) and suitable for high-expression feedstocks.
  • Improved process economics through reduced raw materials costs and/or reduced number of cycles
  • High capacity for large Fc-fusion proteins
  • Very low, unspecific binding due to high ligand selectivity and matrix hydrophilicity
  • Slightly lower pressure/flow properties compared to MabSelect

MabSelect PrismA Resin
A next-generation Protein A chromatography resin that offers significantly enhanced alkaline stability and binding capacity for improved process economy in monoclonalantibody (mAb) processing. The resin builds on the proven track record of MabSelect and MabSelect SuRe resins in commercial mAb production. In comparison with its predecessors, however, MabSelect PrismA has been improved with an optimized high-flow agarose base matrix and a genetically engineered Protein A-derived ligand, allowing future demands in mAb processing to be met.

Characteristics of MabSelect PrismA:
  • Enhanced dynamic binding capacity (DBC) allows high mass throughput of processed mAb per resin volume unit.
  • Excellent alkaline stability enables efficient cleaning and sanitization using 0.5–1.0 M NaOH for improved process economy and robustness.
  • Covered by a comprehensive security of supply program, including dual sources of the agarose base matrix and Protein A ligand.

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GE28-4082-61 HiTrap® MabSelect Xtra Cytiva, 28-4082-61, pack of 5 × 5 mL
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GE11-0034-95 HiTrap® MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 11-0034-95, pack of 5 × 5 mL
GE11-0034-93 HiTrap® MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 11-0034-93, pack of 5 × 1 mL
GE11-0034-94 HiTrap® MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 11-0034-94, pack of 1 × 5 mL
GE29-0491-04 HiTrap® MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 29-0491-04, pack of 1 mL
GE17-5199-01 MabSelect Cytiva, 17-5199-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17549801 MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549801
GE17549802 MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549802
GE17-5438-02 MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 17-5438-02, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5438-01 MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 17-5438-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5474-02 MabSelect SuRe LX Cytiva, 17-5474-02, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5474-01 MabSelect SuRe LX Cytiva, 17-5474-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5269-07 MabSelect Xtra Cytiva, 17-5269-07, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5269-02 MabSelect Xtra Cytiva, 17-5269-02, pack of 200 mL