Antibodies to Peroxisomes

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AMAB90995 Monoclonal Anti-ABCD3 antibody produced in mouse Antibody Enhanced Validation CL2524, monoclonal
IF, IHC human
C0979 Monoclonal Anti-Catalase antibody produced in mouse CAT-505, monoclonal
ARR, ELISA (i), ICC, IHC, WB human, mouse, bovine, rat
SAB4100223 Monoclonal Anti-PEX5 antibody produced in mouse PEX5-B173, monoclonal
WB human
P0497 Anti-PMP70 antibody produced in rabbit polyclonal
IF, IP, WB CL human, rat, mouse
SAB4200181 Anti-PMP70 antibody, Mouse monoclonal 70-18, monoclonal
IF, WB mouse, human, rat