Antibodies to Plasma Membrane

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C1821 Monoclonal Anti-Pan Cadherin antibody produced in mouse CH-19, monoclonal
ARR, IF, IHC (p), WB guinea pig, bovine, snake, hamster, canine, human, goat, rat, sheep, rabbit, feline, chicken, frog, pig, Psammomys (sand rat), mouse
C1860 Monoclonal Anti-Clathrin Heavy Chain antibody produced in mouse TD.1, monoclonal
ARR, ICC, IP, WB rat, mouse, bovine, human
C1985 Anti-Clathrin Light Chain antibody, Mouse monoclonal CON.1, monoclonal
ARR, ICC, IP, WB bovine, yeast, mouse, rat, human
AMAB90976 Monoclonal Anti-EZR antibody produced in mouse Antibody Enhanced Validation CL2384, monoclonal
IF, IHC human
E1281 Anti-Ezrin antibody produced in rabbit polyclonal
IF, IHC, IP, WB CL human, rat
E8897 Monoclonal Anti-Ezrin antibody produced in mouse 3C12, monoclonal
ARR, ICC, IHC (p), IP, WB mouse, bovine, hamster, kangaroo rat, human, monkey