Antibody Support Reagents

Supporting your research doesn’t begin and end with our collection of 90,000+ antibodies alone. Antibody workflows can extend in a multitude of different ways that are bolstered by our antibody support reagents. Whether you are using our antibodies in their wide-range of validated applications or purifying antibodies in your lab, we have the tools needed to support your research from start to finish.

  • Visikol® and Tissue Clearing Solutions, Kits and Protocols
  • Cell Capture Imaging Reagents
  • Antibody Conjugation and Labeling Kits: Avidin, Streptavidin & Biotin Conjugates
  • Immunoglobulin Protein, Human Serum Controls, and Bovine Serum Albumin Antibody Purification Method, Protocol, and Kits Antibody Blocking Reagents and Substrates
  • Prestige Antigens and Blocking Protocol Powered by Atlas Antibodies Adjuvants


Visikol® Tissue Clearing Solutions, Kits and Protocols

Visikol® HISTO™ and HISTO-M™ tissue clearing reagents and kits offer an easy-to-use technique to clarify bioimaging in a way that is compatible with your immunolabeling applications. HISTO™ utilizes a solvent-based approach that, when compared to other tissue clearing methods, is faster, less damaging to tissues, and reversible to allow validation against traditional histology. For 3D cell models, where thickness and opacity can make it difficult for light to penetrate, HISTO-M™ presents an immunofluorescence compatible solution for complete 3D cell culture model characterization and more accurate drug screening.



Cell Capture Imaging Reagents

Our Cell Capture Imaging Reagent (CCIR) provides a single vial solution to the extreme cell loss encountered in standard ICC, IF, and cytospin protocols. This CCIR is extremely beneficial for researchers working with low cell count samples or rare cells, such as CTCs, stem cells, or cells infected with viruses. The CCIR allows antibodies and other needed imaging reagents to pass through a permeable hydrogel thin-film. Demonstrating the mechanical strength to withstand routine pipetting, cells treated with CCIR can then be imaged through a single centrifugation step in any standard, unmodified microtiter plate.


Antibody Conjugation and Labeling Kits:
Avidin, Streptavidin & Biotin Conjugates

The strong affinity interaction between avidin family glycoproteins and biotin can be a useful way to amplify signal detection. When used in conjunction with a biotinylated secondary antibody, the complexes formed between biotin and a conjugated avidin can increase sensitivity. Explore our offering of fluorophore, enzyme, and other labeling conjugates.



Immunoglobulin Controls, Human Serum Controls, and Bovine Serum Albumin

Normal sera and purified immunoglobulin proteins can be used as blocking agents or as positive and negative controls in many immunoassay applications. Explore our offering of immunoglobulin proteins, human and mouse serum controls, bovine serum albumin and more commonly used species and antibody isotypes.


Antibody Purification Method, Protocol, and Kits

Generating an antibody in your own lab? We have everything you need to cover your workflow from inoculation to purification. Adjuvants and carrier proteins can improve immune response on the front end while our Protein A/G/L resins, adsorption resins, and antibody-agarose products address your purification needs.


Antibody Blocking Reagents and Substrates

Incubation with blocking reagents prevents non-specific binding of your antibody of interest and background staining by blocking reactive epitopes and endogenous proteins. Ready-to-use blocking reagents are available for use in a variety of immunoassays such as Western Blot or immunohistochemistry. We also offer a full range of substrates to use with your enzyme conjugated secondary antibodies.



Prestige Antigens and Blocking Protocol Powered by Atlas Antibodies

Strengthen your research with Prestige Antibodies® by complementing with corresponding Prestige PrEST Antigens™. Every Prestige antibody has its immunizing antigen available for use in blocking or as a control.




Adjuvants, when used in conjunction with an immunogen during inoculation, can elicit a more intense immune response or stimulate immune response to antigens that are not inherently immunogenic. Explore our offering of adjuvant reagents, including our Sigma Adjuvant System® oil, Freund’s Adjuvant, Hemocyanin, Maleimide Activated BSA, Pristane synthetic, and TiterMax® Adjuvant liquids.

For a complete list of our highly cited primary and secondary antibodies, please visit our Antibody Explorer.