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Duolink® PLA Custom Services

Duolink® Custom Service Program


Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA) is a powerful tool that allows in situ detection of endogenous proteins, protein interactions, and protein modifications with high specificity and sensitivity. Although Duolink® PLA experiments are relatively straight-forward, there are many scenarios in which your project may require additional customization. The Duolink® PLA Custom Services team will develop the assay and perform all necessary troubleshooting before guiding your team on how to implement the assay moving forward.


  • In situ protein-protein interaction detection without genetic modification
  • Highly sensitive for low-abundant protein targets
  • Protein modification detection
  • Cells and tissues
  • Time and cost savings
Useful for:
  • Primary drug screening
  • IC50 determination
  • Target validation
  • Protein complex identification
  • Disease pathway analysis
  • Proof of Concept

 Flexible Customized Offerings

Duolink® PLA Custom Services are offered in flexible, fee-based options that can be arranged to suit your specific experimental needs.

Development of Custom Duolink® Assay

  • For when you are starting from scratch, we will determine everything from identification and screening of cell lines and primary antibodies to troubleshooting and optimization.
  • We will provide a summary of results, a detailed protocol, and consultation for proper execution of the assay.

Optimization of Duolink® Assay

  • For when primary antibodies and cell samples have already been identified, we will optimize conditions for the Duolink® PLA experiment.
  • We will provide a summary of results, a detailed protocol, and consultation for proper execution of the assay.

Adaptation to Other Formats

  • Multiwell plates for high throughput
  • Flow cytometry
  • Paraffin-embedded tissue
  • Multiplexing (up to 4 targets)

Bulk Duolink® PLA Reagents

  • Custom-made PLA probes, not suitable with current Duolink® PLA probe offerings
  • Custom, specialized buffer

On-site Technical Support

  • For hands-on, on-site training with a Duolink® R&D Scientist

 Custom Service inquiry

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