IgY Antibodies

IgY antibodies and Seppro® depletion resins now sold exclusively by Sigma®

Sigma is proud to offer both IgY antibodies and Seppro depletion products previously sold by Genway Biotech Inc. Chicken IgY (Immunoglobulin Yolk) antibodies have been known to provide less cross reactivity with mammalian proteins and less false positive results due to their inability to bind Rheumatoid factors, Fc-receptors, Protein A and Protein G. Several of these IgY antibodies have been selected to provide the unique Seppro catalog of immunodepletion products. These products include resins for the depletion of human, mouse, rat and plant samples.

IgY Antibodies
  • Low cross reactivity
  • Prepared using recombinant antigens
  • Less false positive results
Seppro Depletion
  • Resins available for a variety of species
  • Spin-column, LC and automation formats
  • Specific capture of target proteins


Choose from over 700 IgY antibodies and 6 different immunodepletion resins.

IgY Antibodies


Seppro Protein Depletion Products