Prestige Antibodies®

The most characterized primary antibodies in the industry:

  • Each antibody is supported by over 700 IHC, IF and Western blot images
  • Developed by the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) Project
  • All data is publically available on the Human Protein Atlas website
  • Sigma® Life Science offers the entire portfolio of Prestige Antibodies

Most commercially available antibodies are validated solely by the supplier. Prestige Antibodies, however, are supported by the publicly available data of the Human Protein Atlas, a part of HUPO′s Human Antibody Initiative. Sigma-­Aldrich partnered with Atlas Antibodies to provide the “prestigious” HPA developed antibodies to researchers worldwide. All Prestige Antibodies are tested in a series of validation steps to ensure that they are the most specific products on the market.  

The Human Protein Atlas ( displays a collection of over 13 million images of normal and cancer tissues, cell lines, and primary cells. The database not only delivers visible proof of antibody performance, but also provides a knowledge base with regard to the structural and temporal expression of proteins in various cells and tissues.

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Prestige Antibodies in Colorectal Cancer Research


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