Bioactive Small Molecules

In your research, the right tools are essential to ensuring that your target is the right target. With that understanding, MilliporeSigma has combined the Sigma® Life Science and Calbiochem® portfolios to offer the leading selection of bioactive small molecules for your research. Over 4,000 potent, selective tools to modulate target activity, including our gold-standard LOPAC™ collections, are backed by immeasurable experience, knowledge, and biological data, allowing you to focus on the research and discoveries that could impact thousands of lives.

With such an expansive offering, you need an easy way to find the small molecule products you need! Below, discover bioactive small molecule specifically for your area of research, and search within the combined Sigma and Calbiochem portfolio to easily find the inhibitors, chemical probes, pharma-developed tools and approved drugs that you need.


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  Search Bioactive Small Molecules


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 Literature and Resources

Learn more about the LOPAC library of high quality, ready to screen compounds for target characterization and assay validation.
Browse the eHandbook
Over 100 peer-reviewed entries in the Handbook of Receptor Classification and Signal Transduction covering topics such as GPCRs, Ion Channels, and more as well as links to hundreds of related small molecules.
SGC Chemical Probes
Sigma has partnered with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) to provide novel chemical probes. Click here to learn more.

Pharma-developed Compounds
Over 800 pharma-developed approved therapeutics and drug candidates are available from Sigma. Find your molecule of interest here.