Cancer Immunotherapy

Powerful Tools for Cell Therapy Development

The development of genetically engineered cells that specifically target tumor antigens is one of the most promising recent strategies in the field of immuno-oncology. Adoptive T cell therapies harness the power of a patient’s own immune system to effectively target and kill cancer cells. Engineered autologous T cells that express either a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) or a T cell receptor (TCR) modified to recognize and target tumor-associated antigens have shown remarkable success in liquid tumor clinical trials. Current market needs include next generation strategies for better safety and efficacy as well as identification of targets for solid tumors. 

Researchers pursuing the development of modified TCR, TIL, CAR-T or other cell-based therapies benefit from choosing life science partners who can provide solutions for design, development, and manufacturing of gene-modified cells. From target discovery to GMP scaleup of the final cellular product, our molecular tools, analytical instruments, and manufacturing process solutions offer complete support for development of safe, effective, and scalable cellular therapeutics.

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 Cell Therapy Development Tools

Target Discovery
Comprehensive screening approaches to identify novel antigens and other immune modulating targets. Learn more.


Cell Engineering
Leader in genome editing technologies and cell culture tools and services to enable engineering of safe and effective therapeutic immune cells. Learn more.


Cell Characterization
State-of-the art instruments and assays to characterize cell health, phenotype and function of modified cells. Learn more.


Response Modeling
Next generation cell analysis and protein detection platforms to establish safety, efficacy profiles and define tumor-immune interactions. Learn more.


Process Development
Process development know-how, in scalable volumes, for consistent cell therapy expansion, and maintenance of cell phenotype and function. Learn more.


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