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Cancer Research

As a cancer researcher, you are driven by passion in pursuit of a world where cancer has been eradicated. Our purpose is to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community – and through that, we aim to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere.

There is no time to waste in advancing cancer research. Each component, from everyday cell culture and use of reagents to novel technologies, and cutting edge instrumentation - is vital to the cause. So having the right tools, right when you need them is crucial.

Empower your research and gain access to products, services and our expert technical support to streamline your workflow, enhance efficiency, enable insight and provide confidence in the reproducibility of your research.

With our vision aligned, we stand with you, resources at hand. Let’s bring that vision to life

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Cancer Detection
Improve Cancer Detection
Discovery tools to enhance research for cancer identification and prevention

Early cancer detection ultimately translates into more options for patients and better outcomes for many types of cancer. Count on our novel discovery tools to further cancer recognition and prevention research.
• Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker
  Detection Platform

Tissue Extract Preparation
Genomic Sample Preparation
Whole Genome Amplification
Tumor Biology
Demystify Tumor Biology
Investigative resources for studying tumors

Researching the intricacies of how tumor cells initiate, progress, maintain and reoccur is essential to improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. Look no further for a wide range of research solutions for
uncovering the inner workings of the tumor.
Multiplex Biomarker Detection
Proximity Ligation Assays
Metabolism Kits
Proteins and Enzymes
Bioactive Small Molecules
Cell Culture Tools & Reagents
Harness the Power of Enabling Technologies
Harness the Power of Enabling Technologies
Innovative tools, and custom capabilities for enhanced insight

Optimized, novel technologies are key to advancing cancer research. Apply our enabling tools to streamline discovery, facilitate visualization and enable in-depth
insights into cell dynamics - and move your research beyond the status quo.
Functional Genomic Screening
Large Scale and High Titer
  Lentiviral Manufacturing

• Flow Cytometry
• Live Cell Imaging
Automated Cell Counting