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N5504 Naphazoline hydrochloride α-adrenoceptor agonist; imidazoline receptor agonist; vasoconstrictor.
human ... ADRA1A(148), ADRA1B(147), ADRA1D(146), ADRA2A(150), ADRA2B(151), ADRA2C(152)
T7080   Tazarotene ≥98% (HPLC) Tazarotene induces the expression of tazarotene-induced gene 3 (TIG3), a tumor suppressor gene. It is a prodrug of tazarotenic acid, which specifically activates RARb and RARg, only weakly activates RARa, and is inactive at retinoid X receptors (RXRs). In psoriasis, tazarotene normalizes abnormal keratinocyte differentiation and reduces their hyperproliferation.