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G1774 Glucagon ≥95% (HPLC), powder, synthetic Glucagon (GCG) produces elevation in contractility and the frequency of contraction in heart muscles. It activates PI3K (phosphoinositide 3-kinase) and thus, elevates glucose utilization by heart muscles. In multiple mammals, though not humans, this peptide induces lipolysis, and is the major lipolytic hormone in birds. It also induces gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis in mammals and birds.
G1651 [des-His1, Glu9]-Glucagon amide ≥97% (HPLC) The glucagon amide peptide [des-His1,Glu9]-glucagon amide is a glucagon receptor-adenyl cyclase activating antagonist that blocks glucagon-induced hyperglycemia and enhances glucose-stimulated pancreatic insulin release. Des-His1,Glu9]-glucagon amide is sometimes used in comparison with the glucagon agonists such as Lys17,18,Glu21-glucagon.