Histology Special Stains

Special stains employ staining techniques to identify suspected pathogens or demonstrate specific cellular components that aid pathologists in the evaluation of disease states. Sigma-Aldrich offers the most commonly utilized special stain procedures, with reagents available as prepared solutions or in convenient kit form. Many of our special stain kits have microwave applications. For customers wishing to prepare their own staining solutions, Sigma-Aldrich offers the stains and dyes, as well as other chemicals and general purpose laboratory reagents required.

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HT60 Amyloid Stain, Congo Red Kit
HT151 Biebrich scarlet-acid fuchsin solution
HT1002 Borax solution 5 g/dL in deionized water
HT8018 Carbol-fuchsin solution
HT80116 Carbol-fuchsin solution
HT90132 Crystal violet solution
HT901 Crystal violet solution
HT903 Decolorizer Solution
HT25A Elastic Stain Kit
HT200 Fontana-Masson Stain Kit
HT1004 Gold chloride solution 200 mg/dL in deionized water
HT90232 Gram′s iodine solution
HT902 Gram′s iodine solution
HT90A Gram stain for films
HT90T Gram stain for tissue
HT1014 Hydroquinone tablets
HT20 Iron Stain Kit
HT8028 Malachite Green solution
HT80216 Malachite Green solution
HT70116 Methyl Green-Pyronin (MGP) solution
HT3018 Mucicarmine stock solution
HT30116 Mucicarmine stock solution
395132 Periodic acid solution 1 g/dL in deionized water
3951 Periodic acid solution 1 g/dL in deionized water
395B Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) Kit
391A Peroxidase (Myeloperoxidase) Leukocyte Kit DAB substrate kit
HT153 Phosphomolybdic acid solution
HT152 Phosphotungstic acid solution 10 % (w/v)
HT102A Reticulum Stain Kit
HT90432 Safranin O solution
HT904 Safranin O Solution
3952016 Schiff’s reagent
HT101A Silver Stain Kit, modified Steiner-Steiner
HT100A Silver Stain (Modified GMS) Kit
HT1005 Sodium thiosulfate solution 2 g/dL in deionized water
HT3028 Tartrazine solution
HT3024 Tartrazine solution
HT10516 Trichrome Stain AB solution
HT10316 Trichrome stain LG solution
HT15 Trichrome Stain (Masson) Kit
HT254 Van Gieson Solution Acid Fuchsin for in vitro diagnostic use