The three endothelins are synthesized as pre-proendothelins about 200 amino acids in length, and processed proteolytically to the final-21 residue, doubly disulfide bonded active peptide. The sequence of active endothelin is highly conserved. It is the amino terminal end of the 38 or 39 residue pro-endothelin molecule, termed big endothelin. Big endothelin is cleaved between trp21 and val22 by several proteinases. At this time we offer human and rat 38- and 39- big endothelins, respectively.

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E7265 Big Endothelin 39 rat ≥97% (HPLC) Precursor of Endothelin-1; vasoconstrictor activity appears to be due to its conversion to endothelin 1 by endothelin converting enzyme in the tissue.