Organelle/Membrane-specific Isolation Kits

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NXTRACT CelLytic NuCLEAR Extraction Kit For mammalian tissue or cultured cells
CYTOCOX1 Cytochrome c Oxidase Assay Kit sufficient for 100 tests, soluble and membrane bound mitochondria
ER0100 Endoplasmic Reticulum Isolation Kit isolation of intact ER from mammalian soft tissues and cultured cells
GL0010 Golgi Isolation Kit sufficient for 50 g (tissue)
LYSISO1 Lysosome Isolation Kit sufficient for 25 g (tissue), sufficient for 20 mL (packed cells), enrichment of lysosomes from tissues and packed cells
MITOISO2 Mitochondria Isolation Kit sufficient for 50 applications (2-5 x 107 cells), isolation of enriched mitochondrial fraction from cells
MITOISO1 Mitochondria Isolation Kit sufficient for 10-20 g (animal tissue), sufficient for 50 assays (2 mL), isolation of enriched mitochondrial fraction from animal tissues
CS0390 Mitochondria Staining Kit  kit sufficient for 40 tests (of 5 mL cell suspensions),  kit sufficient for 200 tests (of 1 mL cell suspensions)
NUC101 Nuclei Isolation Kit: Nuclei EZ Prep sufficient for 25 nuclei preparations (~1-10×107 cells/preparation)
NUC201 Nuclei Isolation Kit: Nuclei PURE Prep sufficient for 15 nuclei preparations (~1-10×107 cells or 1g of tissue per preparation)
PEROX1 Peroxisome Isolation Kit isolate peroxisomes from tissues and cells