Enzyme Inhibitors

Enzyme inhibitors are compounds that interfere with or slow down proteolytic catalysis. Competitive inhibitors bind to the active site of the enzyme and physically block or displace other substrates, preventing the biological substrate from access (antagonists). Noncompetitive inhibitors bind elsewhere on the protein and affect activity from a distance. Some inhibitors bind to the enzyme-substrate complex. Inhibitor binding can be reversible or non-reversible, and covalent or non-covalent. Ideal inhibitors are those that are both potent (have a high binding affinity) and selective (specific for a single enzyme). Enzyme inhibitors can be used to study rates and mechanisms of catalysis, and are used for chemotherapy, metabolic control, as pesticides and herbicides, and much more. Sigma offers diverse selection of cylooxygenase (COX) and lipooxygenase (LOX) for your research