Method vs. Target Matrix

Cross Reference Guide

This table shows you for which methodology certain types of fluorescent probes, indicators, stains, labels, conjugates, and reagents are used. You will find detailed product lists for these product groups in the corresponding Methodologies section by clicking on the "X" links.

Product Group Methodology
Microscopy Flow
Immunoassays Spectroscopy Electrophoresis Chromatography Sensor Dyes Scintillation Miscellaneous
Nucleic acid stains and labels X X   X X       X
Protein stains and labels X X X X X X      
General dyes and stains                 X
Chelator and ion probes X X   X     X   X
Potential sensitive probes X X              
pH indicators X X   X     X   X
Enzyme substrates X X X X X       X
Functional group reactive labels X X X X X X      
Lipophilic and membrane probes X X       X X   X
Carbohydrate labels       X   X     X
Embedding media X                
Conjugates X X X           X
Chemiluminescent compounds                 X
Scintillation agents               X  
Reagents for luminescence       X          

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