Hematology & Histology

ACCUSPIN™ System-Histopaque®-1077

Testing Method: Density gradient centrifugation on sodium diatrizoate polysucrose gradients. Polypropylene radiation sterilized tube fitted with a high density polyethylene barrier and sterile filled with HISTOPAQUE-1077.

Principle: ACCUSPIN System-Histopaque-1077 employs centrifuge tubes specially designed with two chambers separated by a porous high-density polyethlyene barrier ("frit"). The lower chamber contains Histopaque-1077 which allows the addition of anticoagulated whole blood without risk of mixing with the separation medium. On centrifugation, erythrocytes & granulocytes descend through the frit to pellet below the Histopaque-1077. The erythrocytes aggregate, increasing their sedimentation rate, resulting in pelleting at the bottom of the ACCUSPIN tube. Lymphocytes and other mononuclear cells, i.e., monocytes, remain above the frit at the plasma – Histopaque-1077 interface.

ACCUSPIN™ System-Histopaque®-1077 Image