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Sigma is committed to providing its customers with the broadest available offering of innovative Cell Biology research tools. Now, in addition to our unparalleled range of antibodies, enzymes, peptides and small organic molecules, Sigma is pleased to offer an extensive range of assay kits for Cell Biology.

Included among the assay kits that you will find are ELISAs and phosphospecific ELISAs to detect non-phosphorylated or phosphorylated proteins of interest, isolation kits to extract subcellular components, enzymatic assays utilizing numerous detection methods, and targeted assays such as the Senescent Cells Staining Kit, used to detect senescent cells in culture or the β-Secretase (BACE-1) Activity Kit, utilizing fluorescence energy transfer (FRET) to detect the presence of BACE-1. We offer assay kits in areas such as Apoptosis, Cytoskeleton/Extracellular Matrix, Neuroscience, Nitric Oxide/Cell Stress, and more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Technical Service team. We solicit your comments, your feedback and your ideas for new products and new technologies as we strive to accelerate customers' success through leadership in Life Science, High Technology and Service.