Cell Biology

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Affinity-Purified ANTI-FLAG® M2 Antibody with High Specificity and Sensitivity (153 Kb PDF)

Comparison of CFSE and PKH26 with CellVue® Claret, A New 675 nm-emitting Proliferation Dye (599 Kb PDF)

Biological applications of Pyoverdines and their complexes with Iron and Gallium (829 Kb PDF)

Improved Affinity Resins for Immunoprecipitation (124 Kb PDF)

Improved Methods for Isolation of Nuclei from Mammalian Cells (158 Kb PDF)

Improved Methods for Nuclear Extract Preparation and Functional Nuclei Isolation (93 Kb PDF)

Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Autophagy:  Cell Death or Survival?  Interaction with Other Stress Pathways (885 Kb PDF)


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