Neuroscience Events

 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

“Pushing the Frontiers of Neuroscience” was the theme of the 2017 annual meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society held in July at the Makuhari Messe conference center in Chiba City, Japan. The 40th annual event gathered approximately 3,000 researchers in neuroscience and related fields from across Japan and overseas and provided an overview of the progress made in various neuroscience fields.

MilliporeSigma participated in the event with an exhibit as well as sponsorship of a luncheon workshop entitled “Duolink Technology for High-Sensitive Signaling Detection and its Application to Pre-clinical Research for Leukemia Stem Cell Therapy.” The presentation was given by Dr. Kazuhito Naka, Associate Professor at the Department of Stem Cell Biology, Hiroshima University.

Dr. Naka’s talk centered on his success in using Duolink® proximity ligation assay (PLA) technology in detecting the phosphorylation signaling in Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) stem cells resistant to anti-cancer drugs. He also detailed his discovery that a new nutrient reactive signaling regulates the ability of self-renewal of CML stem cells with the analysis for protein-protein interaction. He demonstrated an exhaustion of CML stem cells by suppressing this new signaling for nutrient sensing and established a new way to reduce the recurrence of CML, showing improvement of the recurrent rate by the CML model mouse.

According to the MilliporeSigma team in attendance, including Dr. Jun Takeda, Dr. Manpreet Mutneja and Asuka Hattori, the neuroscientists who attended were very interested in the new concept of cancer treatment based on the novel signal pathway and its function, as a similar mechanism could be important in neuronal cells and cancers.

“Dr. Naka’s research is compelling and clearly demonstrates the value that the Duolink® PLA technology brings to life science research and discovery,” said Dr. Mutneja, who is a senior product manager of molecular platforms.


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Dr. Jun Takeda, MilliporeSigma, introduces seminar speaker Dr. Kazuhito Naka at the Japan Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in July.

 Brazilian Society of Neuroscience Meeting

The MilliporeSigma team in Brazil participated in its first Brazilian Society for Neuroscience annual meeting held in July at the Paulista State University Campus in  Araraquara São Paulo, Brazil.

At the event, MilliporeSigma Field Application Specialist, Cláudia Emanuele, gave a presentation on the company’s three-pillar framework. The first neuroscience pillar is Predictive Neural Models and tools to help neuroscientists create and grow their models, including our gene editing suite, cell culture products and cell lines for neuroscience research. The second pillar is Protein Detection and the technology and products we offer to manipulate and detect the models that neuroscientists have created, including bioactive small moleculesantibodies, and products for protein to protein interactions such as Duolink® PLA Technology. Third is the Biomarkers pillar providing methods to help neuroscientists discover biomarkers within neuroscience, including Milliplex Multiplex platform.

The conference attracts approximately 1,200 neuroscientists and researchers working in related fields.

Left, MilliporeSigma Field Application Specialist Cláudia Emanuele discusses our tools to assist neuroscientists in advancing their research. Right, Cláudia with Milena Silva (Ph.D. fellow from UNIFESP, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil) who correctly answered 5 of the 6 questions of our NeuroQuiz and received a free Neuro biomarker from our offering.