Join us at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

 Cultivating Curiosity in Neuroscience

We are excited and optimistic about the future of Neuroscience research as we seek to cultivate curiosity, encourage discussion and connect researchers from around the world.

Join us at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience Annual meeting to see the product and solution innovations we can't wait to share. We think you'll be excited about what you see!

Don't Miss Out on the Excitement at Booth #2329!

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Join us for great science, hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and hear Distinguished Professors Kristian Doyle, and Jonathan (Jony) Kipnis present their latest research on brain-immune system interfaces in health and disease.

Date: Sunday, November 4, 2018

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Here are a few of the innovations we’ll be featuring at booth #2329:

Ease your Western Blotting with the Immobilon® NOW Dispenser - offering the flexibility of standard rolls with the convenience of cut sheets. “NOW” transfer membrane rolls are 8.5 cm wide- so standard size blots can be produced with a single cut from the roll with no waste!
  Perform genome editing and avail yourself of our technical expertise with our complete line of CRISPR and ZFN genome editing tools.
Optimize your sterile filtration with NEW sizes of the Stericup® Quick Release vacuum-driven filtration system.
Secure reliable and reproducible results for physiological characterization with the Protein Atlas developed, highly validated Prestige Antibody® line. Stop by to learn more about our Antibodies Enhanced Validation Program
  Determine molecular colocalization with Duolink® Proximity ligase assay
Take your flow cytometry to the next level with the recently launched CellStream™. Fully customizable 7-laser capacity and up to 22 detection channels with patent-protected TDI sensor and camera technology enables the highest fluorescence sensitivity and excellent small particle detection.

Don’t miss the excitement at Booth 2329!

We’ll see you in San Diego.