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Peptides and Proteins

Recommended Peptide Purity

Sigma-Aldrich® recommends a peptide purity of:

  1. >70%: For peptides used in the following applications:
    a. Immunization and raising of polyclonal antiserum in animals
    b. Performing an ELISA standard for measuring titers of antibodies

  2. >80%: For peptides used in the following applications:
    a. Non quantitative enzyme-substrate studies
    b. Phosphorylation reactions
    c. Non-quantitative peptide blocking studies for Western blotting, immunocytochemistry and in-vitro bio-assays
    d. Coupling to chromatography resins for affinity purifications or coating of tissue culture plates for cell attachment
    e. Protein electrophoresis applications

  3. >95%: For peptides used in the following applications:
    a. Standard for quantitative ELISA and RIA protocols
    b. Quantitative receptor-ligand interaction studies, quantitative blocking, and competition assays
    c. In vitro bioassays and in vivo studies
    d. Quantitative protease studies and enzyme studies
    e. Chromatography standard
    f.  NMR studies
    g. Monoclonal antibody production


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