Biochrom Product Updates

We understand that reliable access to specific quality media and sera products are as critical to your laboratory as they are to ours. We’re working to bring Biochrom products to a wider geography, which means new quality processes are required for our distribution, regulatory and quality teams.

A solution to the difficulty some customers have experienced when trying to order Biochrom products has already been identified, and is being implemented as quickly as possible. One of the most important aspects of our mission is to provide rapid access to essential products with transparent inventory status and delivery dates. We’re committed to the swift resolution of this temporary consequence of expanding biomanufacturing site capabilities to meet customer needs, and apologize for any delays in product availability.

Please see the tables below for information on the status of Biochrom products.

For answers to your specific questions, please contact customer service, or for more information on our cell culture products, please visit our cell culture home page.

Table 1. Biochrom products that will be maintained

The left column indicates the Biochrom products we will continue to provide. Click on the product number to visit the product page for information or to place an order. Where a link is not live, the Biochrom product is not yet available in our system. Please check back regularly for updated availability.

The “Recommended Alternative” column provides recommendations for direct replacements made against original specifications and manufacturing requirements that will allow you to expect similar results without any delay to your cell culture workflow. Please note that there are some Biochrom products for which there are no alternative equivalents, in which case only the Biochrom product indicated in the left column may be ordered.


S0615 FBS Superior No Alternative
C1 Collagenase CLS I None, Online Ordering Coming Soon
C2 Collagenase CLS II None, Online Ordering Coming Soon
C4 Collagenase CLS IV None, Online Ordering Coming Soon
F0315 MEM Earle's M2279
F0385 MEM mit Earle's Salzen ohne NaHCO3, ohne Phenolrot No Alternative
F0415 DMEM Liquid Medium with 1.0 G/L D-Glucose D5546
F0715 Ham's F-10 N6013
F2270 Biofreeze C9249
F8105 MCDB 153, basal M7403
FG0325 MEM Earle's m. stab. Glutamin M7403
FG0415 DMEM m. stab. Glutamin D6046
FG0435 DMEM m. stab. Glutamin D0819
FG0445 DMEM m. Natriumpyruvat / stab. Glutamin D0822
FG0465 Iscove-Medium m. stab. Glutamin I2911
FG0615 Medium 199 Earle's m. stab. Glutamin No Alternative
FG0815 Ham's F-12 m. stab. Glutamin N3790
FG1215 RPMI 1640 mit 2,0 g/l NaHCO3, mit stabilem Glutamin R2405
FG1383 RPMI 1640 m. 25mM Hepes/stab. Glutamin R7388
FG1385 RPMI 1640 m. 25mM Hepes/stab. Glutamin R7388
FG4815 DMEM/Ham's F-12 m. stab. Glutamin D0697
L6715 Biocoll Dichte 1,077+Hepes H8889
L7213 Collagen G None, Online Ordering Coming Soon
L7220 Collagen A None, Online Ordering Coming Soon
PDHC-N01 C-Chip Disposable Hemocytometer MDH-2N1

Table 2. Alternative equivalents for Biochrom products that will be discontinued

F0225 BME Earle's # B1552
F0325 MEM Earle's # M2279
F0345 MEM Hanks' M5775
F0425 DMEM mit Hepes D6171
F0435 DMEM D5671
F0445 DMEM mit Natriumpyruvat D6546
F0455 DMEM 10x D2429
F0465 Iscove-Medium I3390
F0475 DMEM oh. Phenolrot D1145
F0483 HAT-Supplement # H0262
F0525 Glasgow MEM G5154
F0545 Insektenmedium TC 100 # T3160
F0613 Medium 199 Earle's M2154
F0615 Medium 199 Earle's M2154
F0665 Medium 199 Earle's M7528
F0815 Ham's F-12 N4888
F0915 Alpha-Medium M8042
F0925 Alpha-Medium M4526
F1015 McCoy's 5 A M8403
F1115 Williams' Medium E W4128
F1125 Williams' Medium E ohne Phenolrot W1878
F1213 RPMI 1640 R0883
F1215 RPMI 1640 R0883
F1235 RPMI 1640 R5886
F1275 RPMI 1640 R7509
F1295 RPMI 1640 R0883
F1315 L-15 Leibovitz Medium L5520
F4315 MEM Earle's M7278
F4815 DMEM/Ham's F-12 1:1 D6421
K0282 L-Glutamin G7513
K0283 L-Glutamin G7513
K0293 NEA 100x M7145
K0302 L-Alanyl-L-Glutamin G8541
K0363 MEM-Aminosäuren 50x # H8264
K0373 MEM-Vitamine 100x # H9394
K3620 Insulin, human # I9278
L0015 Reinstwasser, steril W3500
L0020 Reinstwasser, steril, HPLC-geeignet W3500
L0473 Natriumpyruvat S8636
L1603 HEPES Trockensubstanz H3784
L1613 HEPES H0887
L1703 NaHCO3 Trockensubstanz S5761
L1713 NaHCO3 S8761
L182 PBS D5652
L1820 PBS D8537
L1823 PBS *** D8662
L1825 PBS ohne Ca/Mg D8537
L1835 PBS 10x D1408
L201 Hanks' Salze H1387
L2015 Hanks' Salzlösung H9269
L2035 Hanks' Salzlösung H8264
L2045 Hanks' Salzlösung H6648
L2055 Hanks' Salzlösung m. Phenolrot H9394
L2113 EDTA/Versen E8008
L2193 Biotase A6964
L6221 Colcemid, 10 µg/ml in PBS ohne Ca, Mg D1925
L6231 Colcemid, 10 µg/ml in HBSS D1925
L6413 KCl-Lösung P9327
L7240 Polylysin P4832
M5030 PHA L L4144
M5060 PWM # L8777
T031 MEM Earle's M0268
T032 MEM Hanks' M4642
T041 DMEM D5523
T481 DMEM/Ham's F-12 1:1 D8900
F1415 VLE RPMI 1640 R8758
FG1415 VLE RPMI 1640 m. stab. Glutamin FG1215
FG1445 VLE DMEM m. Natriumpyruvat/stab. Glutam. FG0445